Crossing Borders

Type 1 Ovens for
SMR Automotive Systems, Australia

Clean Room Ovens for curing of Tesla’s automotive components

We are thrilled to announce the successful manufacturing and supply of all three custom-engineered Clean Room Ovens for SMR Automotive Global - Australia, facilitated by our valued Indian branch in Chennai.

These ovens are designed for the curing process of Tesla’s automotive components, specifically the Plastic Light Guides. They are classified as Type 1 Ovens, fully compliant with the stringent quality and safety Australian Standards, which are akin to the American Standard 86, Ovens and Furnaces issued by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

Featuring a temperature range of up to 200°C controlled by a PLC with an HMI-enabled Control Panel, these ovens are custom-engineered to deliver an exceptional accuracy of plus or minus 2 degrees Celsius.